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Our Response to Covid-19.

We are live streaming our worship services on Facebook and you can watch past services on Youtube. For more information about on-site worship times, LIFE Groups, Bible studies, and all activites click the link.

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How do I connect with a small group for spiritual growth

LIFE Groups study God’s Word together. They pray together. They care for each other. They support each other. We have people in LIFE Groups who get together for breakfast, work out together, meet in homes for dessert and fellowship, play games, celebrate birthdays and more.

LIFE Groups are people sharing their lives with each other. It is in this setting that we are known; that we are cared for; that we are accountable.

Adult LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups can meet anytime of the day or week

Class & Teachers


Co-Ed 56 & Up

Senior Adult Co-ed
Johnny Melton

When we took this name, 56&up was the right age for our class. Time has passed, but the name of our class has stayed the same.  We are a large class who enjoys each other, having game nights, Hooks games and taking occasional trips.  Johnny brings a passionate message in our class each week.

Emmanuel Class

Senior Adult Co-ed
KC Kimbrough, Director

Emmanuel class averages approximately 70 in attendance each Sunday. One of six Spirit-led teachers, brings an interesting lesson based on the Lifeway’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Each leader (four men and two women) appreciates class perspectives and comments during their lesson. Our class members are involved in various ministries throughout our church and community. It is our joy to welcome new visitors. We meet each Sunday morning in the Fellowship Hall. Come try it—you will like it!

Shepherdess Class

Senior Adult Women
Linda Bradley

We are a mature ladies group, 56 and up, who are married, single, divorced and widowed. We enjoy being together and we take care of each other. We study the Bible with the Lifeway’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Our lessons are teacher-led with discussion. We usually have 12-14 ladies in our class.

Praise Class

Median Adult
Julie Lynch, Director

Right now our class is studying books of the Bible, using Lifeway’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Our class rotates teachers weekly with each having a unique teaching style. We encourage our class members to be involved in our class discussion and hope that everyone who crosses the threshold feels welcome, wanted and mostly loved by the love of Christ. We range in age from younger parents to individuals and couples with college-aged children and grandchildren. Many of our members also help in the nursery or other classes as needed. We have an average of 15-20 people.

Doers of the Word

Median Adult
Marcie Peterson

In this class, averaging 10-12 each week, we will study books of the Bible from the BaptistWay Press curriculum to discover what the Bible has to say to us today and how we can apply it to our daily lives. Lively discussion and laughter is always present.


Median Adult Women
Janis Scobee

We are a ladies class. We encourage strong, lasting friendships with ladies ages 40-up. We study the Bible using Lifeway’s Explore the Bible series which teaches the “whole council of God.” Won’t you join us as we dig deeper into God’s amazing, life-changing Word?

Further Still

All Ages
Vic & Marsha Rhoads

The name of our class is its description. The night Jesus prayed in the garden, He went further into the garden to pray and asked His friends to go with Him. Our desire is to walk through the Bible chronologically and go further with Jesus – to grow in knowledge and faith – to come to know the depth of His love, grace and mercy – to truly grow in relationship with both Jesus and each other. We are a group representing all ages and backgrounds. The class is discussion based.


Couples and Individuals
Jeff Lanningham

This is a new class for young adults in our church and community.  We are studying books of the Bible and applying them to our specific needs.  God’s Word is relevant for people of all ages and this class lets 20somethings come together to study and grow.

Sunday Night LIFE Group

All Ages
Jeff Lanningham

This class meets on Sunday evening and was started so that those teaching on Sunday morning could attend a LIFE Group.  We use the Explore the Bible curriculum.

Youth & Preteen Life Groups

Youth Life Groups meet on Sunday Morning


9th & 12th Grade Girls


Juleanna Fuller & Sarina Covarrubias


FH 150
9th & 12th Grade Guys
Jeff Baergen & Jabin Jones
FH 149
7th & 8th Grade Girls
Duvelza Barrera & Dacey McCombs
7th & 8th Grade Guys
Wes Robbins
6th Grade
Dina Hill

Children's Life Groups

Children's Life Groups meet on Sunday Morning


4th & 5th Grade


Jennifer Jenkins & Bonni Randall


2nd & 3rd Grade
Leslie Knight & Sandy Melton
1st Grade
Kim Lawing & Carlos Goad

Preschool Life Groups

Preschool Life Groups meet on Sunday Morning




Laura Lanningham & Lisa McCoy


Sally Rowe
Laura Groseclose & Kelli Nesloney
Jennifer Williams & Tori Thompson