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The Care Portal

Have you heard about the Care Portal? The Care Portal is an online system that connects hurting families in our community with local churches, including FBC Rockport.

Here’s how it works: A local requesting agency such as Child Protective Services, Aransas County ISD or the Children s Coalition of Aransas County, will be made aware that there is a family in need. The needs will vary from family to family. The needs might be small or they might be large. It might be that a family needs a crib for a new baby, school clothes for a six year old or a car seat for a toddler. Or maybe they need a refrigerator, a stove or a car!

Whatever the need, the requesting agency, after verifying the validity of the need and getting the family’s consent to share details of their need with the faith community, will post the need on the Care Portal.  This will alert local churches that are participating in the Care Portal and invite them to step up and meet the need.

Here’s the coolest part of the Care Portal. When a church says, “Yes, we can meet that need,” the requesting agency puts the church directly in touch with the family. Then the agency steps out of the picture and the church reaches out directly to the family, meeting not only their physical needs, but creating a genuine, caring relationship with them, praying with them, inviting them to worship and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. What an incredible opportunity this is for us to serve as the hands and feet of our Lord right here in our home community!

This is a great opportunity for our church to reach out to our neighbors in need one family at a time.

The Care Portal

Find out how you can help a family in our community.

Go to the Care Portal

If you would like more information about the Care Portal, visit,  or send an email to The Children’s Coalition of Aransas County.

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