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Community Table

In 2007, Pete Chamberlain of the First Presbyterian Church had a dream of people in the community coming together to share a meal in fellowship and love.  The doors would be open to welcome anyone, without restrictions, to come in and be fed.  It became known as the Community Table.  It began with just one church but soon grew to include other churches and organizations in the area.  First Baptist Church of Rockport joined in January of 2009.  Pete’s idea was that anyone could some, sit down and be served as if a guest in his home.  We are happy to share God’s grace, as well as food.

Several times a year, our church hosts the event on a Tuesday night at First Presbyterian Church.  If you would like to help prepare, serve or clean up after the meal, we would love to have your help.  If you would like to help, contact Maria Seaman in the church office.

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