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How to Become a Member

Here are the simple steps to begin the process of joining this church

Join the Church

Becoming a member of First Baptist is the best ways to get connected with everything here.  You can join the church at the end of one of our worship services.  When our pastor invites you to make a decision at the end of his message, come down and let him know you are interested in joining the church.

We also have Discover First Baptist classes during the 9:45 am hour several times throughout the year. You can make the decision to join at one of these classes.

If you have questions about our church or joining the church, you can make an appointment through the church office to visit with one of our pastors.

The Different Ways to Become a Member

When a person presents himself/herself for membership in First Baptist Rockport, the person shall be received under any of the following scenarios:

  • By profession of faith as personal Lord and Savior and as a candidate for baptism.
  • By letter of membership from another Baptist church stating that you have been baptized and have been a member of another Baptist church. When you join, our church office will contact your former church to let them know that you have joined here. We will request a “letter” from your former church, which is essentially a record of your membership there. This will allow us to add you to our membership roll and for them to take you off of their roll.
  • By statement of a prior conversion and previous believer’s baptism and membership in another church.

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