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Living with Fear

The global pandemic has disrupted our way of life in countless ways, resulting in rising levels of stress, fear, and anxiety among Americans. For instance, the Center on Trauma and Adversity at Case Western Reserve University reported in July that in a survey of 1,200 Americans, they found that 85% were experiencing at least one or more symptoms of post traumatic stress. Fear can be described as an emotional foreboding or dread of impending stress or misfortune, either real or imagined. It is a natural part of every life. The Bible develops the concept of fear to include the awe, reverence, and respect that we feel toward God, or it can be an emotional response of dread and terror evoked by God’s presence or from experiencing God’s wrath. Many people in our community currently live with fear. In this series of sermons, we will try to gain God’s perspective on the topic of fear and how we can shape our lives as a response of faith regardless of the powerful emotions we feel.

Living with Fear Includes The Following 5 Messages