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LIFE Groups

What does it mean to be a part of First Baptist Rockport? Our church has identified worship, growth, connections, reaching others and service as our five primary objectives. We have identified these from scripture, primarily the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Worship is best achieved together on Sunday mornings, but the others are best achieved through our LIFE Groups.

LIFE Groups study God’s Word together. They pray together. They care for each other. They support each other. We have people in LIFE Groups who get together for breakfast, work out together, meet in homes for dessert and fellowship, play games, celebrate birthdays and more.

LIFE Groups are not just Bible studies, but they are Christians who are sharing their lives with each other. It is in this setting that we are known; that we are cared for; that we are accountable. This is God’s design for Christians.

Many people in our church are a part of a LIFE Group, but there are still many who are not. If you have not found a home in a LIFE Group, I want to challenge you to give one a try this month. For the month of October, pick a group and go for the next four weeks. See if you do not grow in your knowledge of the scriptures. See if God will not bless you with spiritual insights in your life. See if you will not find warm fellowship and other Christians who you enjoy spending time with. After this month, look at your life and ask yourself if being in a LIFE Group was not a blessing.

We have ten LIFE Groups for adults. Most meet on Sunday morning. Don’t wait until Sunday, but decide now to give one a try.

We are also interested in starting new groups. Perhaps Sunday mornings are a bad time for you to meet in a group. We will have a form Sunday that you can fill out if you are interested in being in a new group. We hope to start several this month. Perhaps one could meet at your house.

Make the decision now to try something new. Attend a group for a month and see how God will move. Or, sign up for a new group. You do not even have to be a member of the church to visit or join a LIFE Group. Don’t put it off. Get involved.

For a complete list of LIFE Groups click below.