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September 14, 2017 Update from Pastor Scott

It has been a joy for me to visit with our members and friends as they make their way back into Rockport. In every person there is some indication of the “Rockport Daze.” I wish I could say it will pass soon, but I think we should expect to live with it for a while.

The focus of our church remains on two things: gathering together for worship on Sundays as the family of God, and scattering into the community during the week to be the body of Christ as we serve in Jesus’ name. With one or two exceptions, all other church functions remain postponed. Marcie is planning regular meetings and rehearsals for choir members. Right now, these are scheduled for Wednesday nights, 6:15, in the Sanctuary.

We will continue to worship in our Sanctuary at 10 a.m. on Sundays. This past Sunday we had 400 in worship. On Sunday, September 24 we will observe the Lord’s Supper together.

I want to remind our members that you can make your tithes and offerings online on our website, mail them to the church, or place them in the baskets in the sanctuary on Sundays.

Donations and Distribution
We continue to collect and distribute items needed in the recovery effort. Marcie Peterson and Cyndi Powell are leading this effort. If you come to the church needing supplies for yourself, please go into the Fellowship Hall and identify yourself as a church member to either Marcie or Cyndi. This is because our volunteers don’t always know who are our own members. Cyndi and Marcie will help you get whatever you need.

Volunteers are needed daily with our distribution efforts.
• We need volunteers to make bags of supplies for distribution.
• We need volunteers to help unload trucks when they arrive (Marcie communicates these times on Facebook).
• We need volunteers to help get trash to our dumpsters.
• We need volunteers to wrap silverware and double bag relief bags.

Work Crews and Partner Churches
Jordan Mims, Dylan McCombs, and Wes Robbins are coordinating volunteer groups and work crews. Anyone desiring to partner with our church long-term by sending teams to Rockport should contact Jordan Mims at or 706-399-2772. We have many teams wanting to come on weekends. We also need teams on weekdays too.

If you have needs on your property that a work team can help with, please let Jordan know. We are especially interested in helping ACISD employees and those in the community with no insurance or few resources.

FBC Rockport Hurricane Recovery Fund
People have donated about $80,000 to our Hurricane Recovery Fund. Some of this money is designated to help with our building and some is designated to directly help people affected by the storm. I am beginning to identify the needs our members have and to distribute the available funds to them. If you are aware of someone who needs help, please let me know.

Facility and Office Update from Jeff Lanningham

We are working with our insurance company and the mitigation team at Blackmon Mooring to manage the damage to and restore our building. The church is more than just a building, I have said this often lately, but it is also our largest asset and a huge resource for the ministry we do. It is important that we get our building repaired and restored to its previous condition or better. So far, I have been very impressed with the scope of work being done and their ability to handle our damage due to hurricane Harvey.

Office Trailer
This week we have an office trailer coming from Acton Mobile. It will provide temporary space for Patty, Pam, Maria and me to have a place to work from. It will also serve as a place you can come just as you would come to the church office normally. We have this trailer rented for at least six months. This will be our new church office home, so please feel free to come by and see us. Scott, Jordan and Marcia are working out of makeshift space in the fellowship hall area. Our Office Hours will be the same as they used to be, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

The temporary office phone number is 361-230-0146.

Church Building
• Please be sensitive to the ongoing work happening in and around the building. The parking lot by the choir room is designated for mitigation crews, so please try to avoid using or traveling through that space.
• Blackmon Mooring immediately came in with dehumidifying tubes and air conditioning duct work to remove moisture from the building and to help cool the sanctuary and fellowship hall. They have also removed wet ceiling tiles, insulation, carpet and drywall to prevent issues of mold and damage. Baptismal robes, choir robes and drapes have also been removed to be cleaned and restored. Electronic equipment in the church has been cleaned and covered to prevent future dust and debris from causing any issues. Electronic equipment in the choir room has been removed to be tested and evaluated.
• Blackmon Mooring removed debris from the choir room and built a security wall to seal up the building. They have put tarps over the roof to prevent any future leaks until it can be repaired.
• All the breakers in the damaged part of the building were shut off before the power came back on. This week B&R Electric is turning on power to the damaged areas and assessing possible problems. One Hour Air Conditioning is assessing all our AC units. So far, all the units in the back end of the building are okay.
• Structural engineers from HAAG Engineering inspected the damage to the building and have cleared us to occupy and use the space that is not damaged. Now the appraiser and mitigation team will be able to finish their estimates and we will know the scope of what needs to be done.
• Our insurance contact says he has no reservations about our course of action or the status of the mitigation. He was encouraged that we are further along than anticipated.

We anticipate that in the coming months:
• Some, if not all, of the ceiling tiles will be replaced.
• All the carpet in the building will be replaced.
• The wind and water-damaged parts of the sanctuary will be repaired.
• The damaged areas throughout the building will be repaired and repainted.
• The roof will be replaced.
• We will assess the damage to the sound and lighting equipment in the sanctuary.
• The choir room will be rebuilt.
• The church property will be cleaned up.