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September 7, 2017 Update from Pastor Scott

FBC Rockport Update from Pastor Scott, September 7, 2017


Once again, I want to thank everyone for the prayers, encouragement, and offers of support. As each day goes by we learn more about what ministry is supposed to look like during our current realities. God has been exceedingly gracious to us.


The staff at FBC Rockport is active and working hard in a variety of capacities. Patty Albin, Maria Seaman, and Pam Balentine are on-site keeping our office running and serving as needed with the distribution of supplies. Marcie Peterson is responsible for coordinating all the supply donations from around the country, a job my wife Kimberlie was doing until now. Jordan Mims is coordinating teams of volunteers in our community. Jeff Lanningham is busy meeting with insurance company representatives and various other entities to get our church building situated and repaired, as well as to get our office up and running. Eric Scott is planning our Sunday worship times. John Jenkins is here when we need him to help in a variety of ways around the building.


Cyndi Powell, a member or our church, arrived here right after Jeff and I did after the storm. She immediately volunteered to organize the donations to our church and is currently overseeing their distribution. She has been a faithful, dependable, and tireless servant of the Lord.


It was such a blessing to have worship on our property this past Sunday! We estimate about 300 were in attendance. It was a very emotional and powerful time with our church family.


We will continue to have worship on Sundays at 10 a.m. Starting this Sunday we will meet in our sanctuary! We will have temporary lighting and air conditioning, so it will be cool, at least cooler than the tent outside, but it will not be “normal.” We ask that you enter through the doors in the 56 & Up classroom. We do not yet know if the restrooms will be available. There will be barriers around the inside of the building to designate construction zones or parts of the building that are unstable, so please stay in the designated areas. We hope to have someone come and cook food in our parking lot for after the service.


Here are some updates on what is going on around here.



  • Jeff is working closely with our insurance company and Blackmon Mooring, a recovery company, to address the immediate problems with our building and to get as much as the building usable as is possible.
  • Next week we should have a trailer for our temporary office. The trailer will be located on the church property.
  • We get sporadic mail at the church now, just like the rest of the community.
  • We hope to have our internet Wi-Fi up and running shortly. We are working with a company to provide laptops at the church for people to use. This service may be available by Sunday.
  • Jeff and I are making the important decisions for now, but we are approaching the point where we will need to schedule a Special Called Business Meeting to go forward in some areas. When the time comes we will announce the time and place of the meeting and ask as many church members to attend as is possible.


Supplies and donations:

  • Rockport is filling up with stuff and many locations are no longer accepting donations. FBC Rockport is still accepting donations, but we ask that people contact Marcie Peterson before showing up in our parking lot with large trailers filled with stuff. Marcie can be reached at 361-543-7201.
  • We are no longer accepting donations of clothing, shoes, or toys.
  • We need help sorting and distributing donations. Anyone interested in helping should contact Marcie Peterson.


Work Teams:

  • Jordan Mims is coordinating volunteer work teams around the community. There are many local churches and organizations that also have work teams.
  • Church members, ACISD employees, and Aransas County citizens needing help at their homes should contact Jordan.
  • Groups wishing to volunteer their services should also contact Jordan.
  • Jordan Mims can be reached at 706-399-2772.
  • Please know that communications can still be spotty in Rockport. It may take some time for Jordan to get back to you, but he is working as fast as he can.
  • Those waiting for help should keep in mind that volunteer teams are primarily interested in coming on the weekends right now. We expect more groups to be available on weekdays as time goes on.
  • Jordan reports that the work asked for involves cleaning up yard debris, tearing out sheetrock and carpet, as well as tarping roofs. There are also needs for work with heavy equipment.


I am noticing in myself and my family, in church members, and in the people I speak with out in the community that there are many symptoms of trauma: sleeplessness, restlessness, memory problems (more than is normal!), irritability, mood swings, etc. These are all normal and to be expected. If you or somebody you know needs someone to talk to, please let me know. I am in and around the church on most days. You can reach me on my cell phone at 361-205-4322.


Remember that your pastor and church staff love you and our community. We are hard at work each day seeking the Lord and His purposes. We pray for you all constantly. May the Lord bless and keep you.