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Staying Connected


LIFE Groups

I want to thank our LIFE Groups on how you have responded to the closed campus. Many of our adult LIFE Groups are video conferencing through Others are using Facebook live and email to share lessons and stay in touch. If you have a need, you should contact your LIFE Group leader or contact the church office. The church is currently closed, but you can still reach someone through the office number, 361-729-6382. 
Teachers, if you are attempting to do video conferencing or Facebook live and you are having trouble, contact Jeff by e-mail at and he can offer you a couple of solutions to help.

Preschool and Children

Our new interim Children’s Director, Alexa Dick, taught a Bible lesson last Sunday on Facebook live at 9am. I have also asked parents to take the lead in teaching their children the Bible study. I have shared links that LifeWay has made available for free access to their curriculum. 

To access the free LifeWay Kids at Home and LifeWay Preschool at Home resources, please follow these three simple steps:

  • Go to
  • Log in or create an account (free)
  • Click the LifeWay Kids (or Preschool) at Home icon on the main page of Digital Pass

If you have any problems, contact Jeff Lanningham at

Non-LIFE Group Members and Preschool, Children and Youth Teachers

If church members are not a member of a LIFE Group, they may struggle to stay connected right now. I am asking all adult church members to find an adult LIFE Group and connect with them so you will have a point of personal connection. I am also asking our adult LIFE Groups to be diligent in contacting those in your care to make sure everyone has a personal contact. See the LIFE Group Class Activities below.

How Life Groups Are Connecting

Emmanuel Class

Our class will use the video conferencing software “ZOOM” to facilitate an online class. We will plan to begin a class this Sunday, March 22, at 9 am. As soon as all are situated as best as possible, we will open with a prayer, review the lesson, maybe have some comments from those connecting and close with a prayer.
Please remember those needing prayer and send to Kathryn Albin for all prayer request. It is probably best to email to her at

Biblical Insights Class

Herman Green will continue to provide the weekly lessons on the Chapters of John and send them as attachments to class members e-mail. If you need snail mail, let Herman know. Feel free to raise questions or make comments on the lesson and the Chapters of John you are reading.

Further Still Class

We are going to attempt a Facebook Live Sunday morning at 9 and have asked everyone to join the Further Still private group.


Linda Bradley will stay in touch with LifeGroup members by phone.

56 & Up Class

Will have Bible study on Sundays beginning at Johnny Melton’s house with a covered dish meal. Others have offered to have the study at their home. All members have been invited.

Praise Class

Class members will keep in touch through e-mail.

Lydia Class

Janis Scobee will be sending out the Bible study podcast from Lifeway to the class by e-mail for them to review before Sunday. On Sunday she will use e-mail to discuss the lesson.


Jeff will be leading the class in a video conference through at 11:00 am Sundays.

Doers of the Word

Marcie’s class is using zoom to meet. They are meeting at 11:00 on Sundays, but they will probably adjust the time to Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Night LIFE Group

Jeff is teaching with the zoom app at their regular time of 6:00 pm.  

Co-Ed 56&Up Class

Jeff is teaching with the zoom app at their regular time of 6:00 pm.